I have been amazed at the care I have received at Chesterton Physical Therapy.The staff are so knowledgeable and work closely with Dr.Singh.Anytime I’ve had a session I am the total focus of the therapist-they give me 100% of their time to me in my sessions and they really care about my improvement. Since first coming I have improved with being able to have a more normal life and able to have more quality life with less pain. I look forward to continuing and acquiring the life I once had and I know exercising here will be a big part of that. They have guided me with the needed exercises to achieve my goals.

Joanne B.

Besides not thinking that this problem was going to be taken care of, but being educated at that same time that you’re being taken care of. Shocked at the positive results!

Dennis F. of Westville

All I can say is the therapists are knowledgeable and great. They helped me immensely with my back. Best therapy group in
all the years!

Robert D. of Valparaiso

Edward C.

Edward came to Chesterton Physical Therapy with extremely high hopes. He had surgery on his back for a herniated disc, but he still wasn’t back to normal. Even after the surgery, he still could not walk or stand for more than 5 minutes due to the extreme back pain he experienced. He tried physical therapy right after his surgery elsewhere, but he felt it did not help him at all. After just 3 weeks of physical and deep tissue laser therapy with us, he can already stand for long periods of time again and even walk with no pain. He says that the combination of the physical therapy and the deep tissue laser therapy is working wonders for him. He raved that the one on one care he is receiving is like nothing he has ever experienced before. He also added that he loves the personalized treatments and personal attention from the staff. Edward says that he is on the road to true recovery. He could not be happier that he finally is able to receive truly effective treatment for his back pain.

Edward C. of Chesterton

Marilyn E.

Marilyn came to us with severe back pain that was negatively taking over her life. She had to give up everything due to her back pain. She avoided sitting down, she couldn’t drive, and she even missed her class reunion because of it. The only way she felt remotely okay was by standing up. After completing treatment at Chesterton PT, she was able to take back her life and become totally active again. During her time here, she worked with Greg and Traci the most. She says that she learned a lot from both of them. They taught her what she needed to do at home, how to do it, and how to maintain her strength once she got it back. She feels that her experience here as a whole was great and that she loved everyone she came in contact with because they were very friendly and helpful.

Marilyn E. of Porter

Mike D.

My most recent problem was adhesive capsulitis in my right shoulder. Greg and Eric started me on a program that very quickly produced improvement in my range of motion and pain reduction. Everyone that I worked with was very thorough and informative, which made my therapy the most positive experience possible. There is no question that if I need any type of physical therapy in the future, there is no other place I would rather go for treatment.

Mike D. of Chesterton

Darrell R.

Before starting therapy, Darrell had severe leg cramps that caused him to be unable to walk long distances, kneel, or use a ladder. Since completing therapy, he is now able to do everything that he couldn’t before again. He credits Melynda with being the biggest part of his recovery. He says that she made his treatment easy to follow, explained everything thoroughly, and didn’t pressure him to do anything he didn’t want to. Overall, he says that Chesterton Physical Therapy is a wonderful place that he will tell everyone he can about. He even showed his preacher some exercises that he learned in therapy.

Darrell R.

Shirley K.

Shirley came to us with a shoulder problem that caused her to be unable to move or lift her entire left arm. After receiving successful therapy, she is now able to not only move her arm again but also lift it up and even move it backward. She says that she truly looked forward to coming to therapy every week because everyone she worked with made it very fun and enjoyable. She feels that her condition improved immensely and could not be happier with her results.

Shirley K.

Emmerson S.

Before Chesterton Physical Therapy (CPT), I had a lot of limitations with my hamstring, including soccer (which is my favorite sport). Many daily activities like walking upstairs, sitting down in a car for prolonged periods, and moving in a chair would aggravate my left hamstring. In soccer, I could not jump, sprint, kick with my left leg, or run for more than 10 minutes. Just in three quick months, all of the limitations vanished. As of now, I can do any physical activity and inverted maneuvers with ease. CPT helped me a ton over the summer of 2017, and I cannot thank them enough!

Emerson S.


We first met Debra when she attended our booth at the Art of Aging Expo event in August of 2017. Luckily, she won our raffle we did at the event for free deep tissue laser therapy treatments. She decided to do the laser therapy on her foot for her plantar fasciitis. After just her 2nd treatment with Chandra, she said her foot felt really good instantly after receiving the treatment & the pain was barely there anymore. At her 3rd treatment with Dr. Dimple, she said that she had no pain at all. She says that her experience as a whole was excellent as she felt Chandra & Dr. Dimple both answered all of her questions, were easy to talk to, made her feel comfortable, had excellent manners, and even offered advice and stretches to do to prevent any further pain from occurring. She adds that she felt they gave her information she wishes other doctors would have gave her when she initially learned about her condition. She says if she has any other issues, she will definitely be coming back for help!

Debra W. of Crown Point

Diana B.

Diana was initially introduced to us when her husband was a patient. She then started therapy for her balance issues with Dr. Dimple. Upon completing her successful therapy plan, she heard about the Fit For Life program. She was skeptical at first, but Dr. Dimple convinced her to give it a try. On her first day, she was taught how to use every single one of the exercise machines & guided through the process. She was amazed at how attentive & helpful the staff was. She says that every time she came in to exercise, there was always a staff member giving her tips & offering to help. Now, she is ecstatic about her fitness regimen. She absolutely loves coming to yoga classes & says that everyone loves it just as much as her; they all inspire one another. She says that her son referred her to another fitness center at first, but once he heard about the unmatched, personalized care she was getting, he was so glad she came to Chesterton PT instead. This past August was her 1 year anniversary of being a Fit For Life member; she has lost a total of 44 pounds & counting! Diana could not be happier with her ongoing journey towards being healthier & says that she will definitely be a member FOR LIFE! She credits Dr. Dimple for helping her realize her true potential & says that she is forever grateful that she was able to work with her.

Diana B, Age 71, Chesterton

Sports and active lifestyle at 41 catches up to my body physically and trying to let it heal on its own has taken many months only to come back again. With Dimple’s assessment, treatments have helped extremely in getting pain-free in matter of a couple of visits.

Rickie R.

I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in my low back . I went from being very limited in my back abilities with very weak core to being able to lift , bend, sit and stand without pain.

Wendy M.

I received special care for my rotator cuff and I like the friendly staff. If I need therapy again I will surely come back here.

Sharon R.

Very impressed with Dimple’s tenacity in finding the source of the problem in the midback.

Jude T.

In April, I went to mayo clinic due to severe pain and tightness in my back. It was wonderful working with Dimple-she pin pointed the muscle that
wasn’t firing properly which helped speed up my recovery.

Patty L.

I’ve seen improvement in back and thumb pain as I have learned why and how I became this way and how to avoid further issues. I have received individualized, knowledgeable and skillful care.

Julia P.

I came with extreme pelvis pain with severe tilt. Now I am feeling 100% better.

Kara A.

After 6 weeks of physical therapy my knees are almost totally without pain and I am able to have a much more active lifestyle. I received a variety of helpful exercises to relieve the compression in my knees, improve my balance and strengthen the muscles in my knees and ankles. Furthermore, Dimple and Vicky taught me how the physiology of my knees , hip and feet contributed to my problem and to its solution.

Jane B.

After having back surgery and being told by other physical therapy places that nothing can be done and being on pain killers/ cortisone shots for 2 years my pain got worse and legs got weaker. With my Dr’s recommendation I agreed to take one last step and began physical therapy here at Chesterton PT. I can now climb my stairs not only once but several times a day and I have resumed all normal activities of daily life. Now my fear is gone and I know how to handle my flare ups. Thank you for taking care of me and assuring me to move forward.

Robin B.

After lifting/ carrying wrought iron furniture which was too heavy for me, I had pain in my chest, left shoulder and shoulder blade with numbness and tingling in my left hand and fingers. Medication from the doctor did not help nor did the spinal manipulations of a chiropractor. People suggested that I talk to a surgeon about this and I was scared! Thank goodness I discovered Chesterton physical therapy. Among other things my treatment included ”manual therapy” to improve soft tissue and joint mobility, neuromuscular re education for posture and proprioception and return to functional mobility. I was just” healed.” After several treatments over few weeks, I was sent home with descriptive exercises and diagrams so I could safely continue regaining my strength and flexibility. Dimple and her staff were informative during every step on my path to recovery besides being gentle and patient. Thank you.

Dee D.

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