Meet Our Team

Dimple Singh, PT, DPT Director of Physical Therapy

Dr. Singh graduated with Bachelor's in Physical Therapy from Government Medical College, Nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA in 1994. She has earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from EIM Institute of Health Sciences, Kentucky in 2015. She is a Certified weight management specialist, Certified Anodyne Therapy provider and Certified Intone Specialist. She has special interest in utilizing manual therapy and neuromuscular techniques to achieve the best outcomes for the patients. She loves to include innovative technology for effective results and has incorporated Biosway, Anodyne Therapy, and Intone to her current practices. Her next innovative addition to the practice is for low back and running assessments. Dr. Singh has 26 years of experience including acute care, sub acute care, inpatient rehab, home health, TBI, SNF and Outpatient. She found her passion in Outpatient where she can implement her clinical skills to make a difference in the lives of everyone she serves. Her vision is placing the patient first in every visit and interaction and continue to have the human touch and keep the caring heart while providing care. In her spare time, Dr. Singh enjoys quiet evenings, traveling with her family, movies and reading.

Chandra Singh, OTR, OTD Administrator

Chandra graduated as Occupational Therapist from IPH, New Delhi, India in 1992 and has completed his Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with specialization in Pain management at EIM Institute of Health Sciences. To better serve his patients and the community, Chandra has many continuing education courses related to the upper extremities. Chandra gets his inspiration from everyday heroes like firefighters, policemen and those in armed services who go above and beyond for call of duty. In his spare time, Chandra likes to spend time with his wife and 3 kids, traveling, cooking, watching movies and reading. Gregory Frontz, PT

Gregory Frontz, PT

Greg grew up in a small town in southern Ohio, it only had a 4 way stop in town until 1982 and didn't get a McDonalds until 1992. His parents told him that his interest in medicine started fairly young. While reading a book on careers Greg came across the Physical Therapist career and learned it required strong science skills and a compassion to help improve peoples lives, to maximize their potential, it recommended a strong interest in sports and exercise which he was always doing-swimming, golfing, football, wrestling, track and field and more. 300 volunteer hours at the hospital taught Greg the fundamentals of good patient care which he still uses today. Greg graduated from The Ohio State University in 1986 and for his entire career of 32 years, he has continued his education with specialized coursework for treatment of the spine in the McKenzie method. Greg has advanced training in neurodynamic activities for nerve injuries and complex pain syndromes of various types. He has also spent a lot of time studying the hand and arm injuries for injured workers and he is certified in Occupro testing for FCE's and disability testing. When he is not working ,he enjoys the outdoors with hiking, camping, and canoeing with his wife Karen. Greg has three children-30, 28, and 21 yrs old and Greg has 5 grandchildren.

James Kremer, PTA - MI City

Education: He wanted to become a PTA after his mom had her knees replaced and he graduated from Kaskaskia college in May of 2017. Inspiration: James is inspired by the spark when patients under stand what he is talking about and when they come in and have success story throughout the week. James likes odd books and his hero is Cleopatra the 8th, or Mss, Mary Hamilton. Spare Time: James likes to run, go to the gym, and tinker with things in his free time.

Life Principle/Philosophy

Live life one day at a time.

Nicole Knight- Webster, PTA

Nicole graduated in May 2016 from Ivy Tech Community College Northwest and she trained in lymphedema treatment. At first when Nicole started, she really did not fully understand what Physical Therapy was going to entail. Through out the process of schooling and clinicals, she fell in love with the profession and has seen what PT has done for her family. Nicole believes her grandfather will see a change when he comes to CPT. In her spare time, Nicole likes to spend quality time with her husband, daughter, and her dog! She also like to read for self-development, attend Road to Life Church and watch medical shows! She is inspired by people that have grown to the top in their life, whether it is financially, career-wise and/or self-developmental and they had to work hard to achieve their dreams and things were not just handed to them. Nicole is also inspired by people who have GRIT! Her hero is bishop TD Jakes, because he speaks hard truths and his sermons have brought her through some very tough times. Nicole also feels is her mom is a hero in her life. She is relentless and Nicole has gained her hard work ethic through watching her! Here's an interesting fact about Nicole - she did not know that she was pregnant until she was 7 months along.

Life Principle/Philosophy

"People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care!" - John C. Maxwell

Matt Valois, COTA

Matt has been at COTA for 7 years, has an MBA, and he is currently attending OT school at Grand Valley State University starting this fall. Matt eats a lot of sardines, but do not judge him for that. He takes his personal health and well-being very seriously, which results in him eating weird foods at times. Not that he's defensive about it or anything. As an uber-nerd, Matt enjoys watching/listening to long-form podcasts and playing with his kids. Matt is inspired by his wife because she is always telling him that he doesn't do anything. Control the ageing process, don't let the ageing process control you. This is Matt's philosophy and a therapeutic principle he utilizes while working with his patients. One of Matt's heroes is his father who sustained a serious injury at the hands of a trusted healthcare professional, forcing Matt to do everything he could to ensure what happened to his father wouldn't happen to anyone else.

Martha Davis, PTA

Martha lived in St. Louis for 11 years and moved back to be closer to family. She has been a PTA for 10 years and loves every minute. She graduated from St. Louis community college in 2009. Really complex cases are her favorite to work with because they challenge her to learn and apply new techniques. She loves to hike and it's her happy place. She also enjoys creating things-so painting or refurbishing furniture is fun for her. Martha is a #superaunt! She finds inspiration in lots of things. Mostly- She just wants people to live their best life-and if she can help in any way she usually jumps in feet first to help.

Rebecca (Becky) Dishman, LMT

Rebecca Dishman
Becky graduated from American College Massage School in Crown Point IN. in 2015. There she learned about the different types of massages that you can use to help everyone. Becky's favorite type of massage is the Swedish Massage. This one is her favorite because everyone needs to learn how to relax and take care of themselves. Becky is also certified in Reflexology as well. Becky got interested in massage therapy because of her family. Becky has a two boys that play sports and with playing sports you will have sore muscles. One of her sons is also diabetic and as a diabetic, her son needs good circulation especially in the legs and feet. Her husband also cuts down trees for a living, so his arms and shoulder get very sore. Her three boys are the ones that inspire her to keep going and to take on new challenges. In her spare time, Becky likes being with her family and their dog Maggie, & going to sporting events. She also like to garden.


These quotes from Ellen DeGeneres are some principles good to live by: "BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER" and "KINDNESS CHANGES EVERYTHING".

Leila Ellis, Patient Relations

Leila graduated from Ivy Tech with an Associate in Business Administration. She always had a passion for helping others since she was little. She was interested in physical therapy after her mom had a stroke and went through therapy.She helped her mom through her recovery. Leila brings with her 2 1/2 yrs of experience as a Rehabilitation Aide/Office Assistant for 2 1/2 years . Leila is a mother of 3 beautiful, young girls. She likes to be with her kids - and her husband who is a Radioactive Engineer . She is proud of her kids and also the fact that she started college before high school graduation! Outside of Chesterton Physical Therapy, her family is her world. Leila is a go getter and does not like sitting for long.She is interactive, likes to be involved and is outgoing. She likes to keep Daily flow of operation, prevent pauses in work and help schedule. She thinks her attitude makes work fun and she thrives in an energetic work environment , does not let anyone down, will stay late if need to and you can rely on her. She will ask questions if she is not sure . She will get the job done with a smile. Watching people come in for therapy with a goal-orientated attitude is an inspiration to her. Many people are at a low time in their life when they don't feel so strong. Yet, being surrounded by so much positivity from not only the therapists, but the patients too makes people feel like this is a second home and a place where we can work together to achieve anything.