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"Full of smiles and fun!"
Apr 13, 2020
"Friendly people and great service. They make you feel better quickly. Highly recommended."
Mar 13, 2020
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"I attended a free shoulder workshop and learned I can treat an ongoing shoulder pain I’ve been having. The facility is clean and inviting and the staff is absolutely wonderful. I enjoy coming to therapy and my shoulder is already functioning much better after only a couple weeks. Highly recommend!"
Mar 13, 2020
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"They do excellent service.Try them when you need help to relieve pain."
Mar 13, 2020
"Since I have been going through therapy and therapist for dizzy spells and balance issues for some time now continually going on for work rehabilitation. I've seen alot of therapist in my journey to recovery, It means alot to me that therapy will eventually help. Even if it's to get me back into some type of working field.They have a knowledgeable great staff with a one-one perspective and a decent size facility in Michigan City."
Mar 04, 2020
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"I was sent to this facility on a referral from my GP. I didn't really have high expectations but chesterton physical therapy has gone above and beyond!! I never realized I could live my life pain free without having surgery. What a game changer this has been. I am forever grateful for their time and expertise."
Mar 02, 2020
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"I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I had weakness in certain areas. I now have an understanding of how so many things work together and that I can make changes and do exercises that benefit me in more than one way. That I can improve and have success! Stick with it. Things will come together and you can have improvement."
Feb 27, 2020
"When my shoulder pain became a serious problem my doctor recommended physical therapy. I took advantage of the free evaluation at CPT where I met Chandra. He laid out a treatment plan and I decided to give it a try. I'm now free of pain and have my shoulder mobility back. I credit the caring and knowledgeable treatment I received from Chandra and Matt."
Feb 27, 2020
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"Great place. Staff is great to work with. They will get you right back on track. "
Feb 20, 2020
"From the start, I could tell this was the place to go for my neck therapy. Their knowlege and techniques have been crucial in helping to alleviate the excruciating pain I've been experiencing in my neck."
Feb 18, 2020
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"Although cut short due to insurance reasons, my experience at CPT was truly incredible. The office staff was extremely organized, respectful, helpful and always responded in a timely manner. They always went above and beyond to answer and questions I had. Carol, my physical therapist, was truly outstanding! I made such great progress working with her in such a short period of time. She’s so full of knowledge, takes the time to explain every detail, and went out of her way to make a take home plan for me to continue my work since my insurance cut me short on time. On top of that, she has a great personality that makes you feel so comfortable! I can not recommend her, or CPT, enough!"
Feb 12, 2020
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"This office is truly a rare find. Up to date, incredibly competent and compassionate staff, lead by an amazing woman. Blessed to have been a patient here!"
Feb 09, 2020
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"Thanks to the wonderful therapists here, I was able to improve the range of motion in my shoulder, which had been badly limited for over 20 years. They also helped me eliminate severe pain in my right leg. I thought I needed hip and knee replacement, and was limping. The pain subsided after only a few weeks. I have regained my strength, and feel much better overall."
Feb 07, 2020
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"Great place great therapist"
Jan 30, 2020
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Jan 30, 2020
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"Very pleased with the expert help I received from Carol, Nicole, Ruth and Tristan at CPT. A great group of professionals! Thank you!"
Jan 14, 2020
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Jan 08, 2020
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"I have been recieving massage here for over a year. Becky really knows her stuff. She works on a spot as long as necessary, while being conscientious of how much pressure she is using."
Dec 23, 2019
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"I would recommend anyone to go here! The therapist makes you feel so comfortable while completing therapy. I started in October 2018 and had to return in October 2019 and would go back if needed. Not only do they treat you they teach you how to manage pain and continue on with everyday activities. I just love all the staff ❤️"
Dec 10, 2019
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"I loved the people and clinic. From the doctor’s, to therapists to the administration staff. Everyone is kind and caring. They are alot of fun too! I came in having at least 2 migraines a week and severe jaw clenching. Over my time in therapy I am less tight, have greater mobility and have only about 1 migraine a month. I have learned techniques that help reduce headaches if I get one. Actually sad therapy is over because I will miss them all!"
Dec 02, 2019
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"We had to take our baby boy here and Dimple Singh was who he seen every appointment we took him too and she was very friendly with us and very gentle and careful with our baby boy. She definitely helped our son with the problems he was having with having trouble learning to crawl and sit up. I would highly recommend this people to anyone that was referred to Chesterton physical therapy and we went to the Michigan city office"
Nov 09, 2019
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"Sorry this is so late been working a lot lately which was only possible thanks to these guys they are very good at their job and worked around my work schedule 100%"
Oct 30, 2019
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"My 13 year old grandson sprang his ankle and I took them to Chesterton Physical Therapy. Dr. Singh evaluated him and he went to therapy and was able to play soccer after one week! I highly recommend if you have any concerns call them and they will figure out the problem and fix it!"
Oct 18, 2019
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"I was quite pleased with my overall experience at Chesterton physical therapy. I thought Dr. Singh was thorough and attentive during my initial evaluation. Carol was my physical therapist and she provided an effective therapy program for me. When I struggled with a few exercises she knew to redirect me with other exercises to strengthen the muscle before trying more advanced exercises. Carol is an exceptional listener and an amazing therapist as a result of her knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend Chesterton physical therapy to others. I am grateful I discovered them."
Oct 17, 2019
"The staff are wonderful and truly care about their patients. They taught me the skills to help me fight my chronic pain and for that, I am grateful. Thank you, Chesterton Physical Therapy!"
Oct 08, 2019
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"My daughter (a 6year old) has made more progress here in less than a month than she did at another facility she was going to for 3 months. She is engaged in the therapy and has fun with the different exercises they do with her. I am so impressed."
Oct 02, 2019
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"I have personally injured myself 4 times in last 5 years. Each time they corrected and healed my injury quickly and professionally. Am currently being treated for a pulled abductor muscle in the top of my leg. After 7 days the pain was intense. After only 2 visits the pain was almost gone. They use light, , laser tense and ultra sound treatment to speed up the healing process. They have flexible scheduling and many years of combined experience. They work with your insurance and are straight foward with your exam to make you a treatment plan. They are also great at treating you with dignity and respect. I will always go here in the future. I highly recommend them."
Sep 25, 2019
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"After a referral from my surgeon-Dr who is a Professor and Head of U of a Chicago medical department, I have found the Chesterton Physical Therapy team to be most effective in resolving my prostate surgery issues. Dr Dimple Singh and her team including Greg, Martha, Leela and especially Tristan Pearman, all have been most astute in providing guidance to resolve and understanding of my problems with empathy for the emotions that accompany but more important have made the process fun. The results for me are very positive with much better than the average speed of progress that the medical experts profile."
Sep 22, 2019
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"CPT Michigan City is a great place... The staff is incredible....."
Sep 20, 2019
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"Chandra and Matt were great! Looked forward to my appointment every time!! Will use them again if an issue comes up!"
Sep 19, 2019
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"As a physical therapist myself, I have had a wonderful experience of being on the receiving end of care. Dr. Dimple Singh is all you could ask for in a therapist: smart, kind, understanding, and skilled. Her expertise comes through in her gentle, yet precise touch. I am only half way through my program and my progress is steady, measurable and deeply appreciated!"
Sep 17, 2019
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Sep 17, 2019
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"Just wanted to take a minute to thank the WONDERFUL folks at Chesterton Physical Therapy. Martha and Carol are just the best. When I started with them I was in serious pain with range of motion problems . I could hardly turn my head and my back was worse. I can't believe the difference in how I feel. If you are having trouble....see these folks! They are truly AWESOME!!"
Sep 16, 2019
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"Staff friendly and awesome in helping me achieve my goals!!"
Sep 10, 2019
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"The staff at CPT we're truly caring, helpful & amazing. Everyone helped me get back on my feet & walking properly after a left hip replacement. I was exacstitic that it only took a few short weeks & I will be forever grateful for their kindness, time & patience w/ me. I highly recommend the CPT team. "
Sep 10, 2019
"Everyone here is great! Every time I have a problem they work with me to fix it. They worked hard to make me pain free and it has not come back. I highly recommend coming here for physical therapy."
Aug 21, 2019
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"Both Gregg and James are very knowledgeable and compassionate as they provide treatment for my shoulders and hip problems. This is my third year returning to Chesterton Physical Therapy. I highly recommend them."
Aug 20, 2019
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"James did an excellent job helping me strengthen different muscle groups and giving a flexible HEP to continue conditioning throughout the year."
Aug 20, 2019
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Aug 19, 2019
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"Chesterton Physical Therapy helped me be able to get full range back in my right shoulder! They are amazing therapist and are always willing to answer any questions and explain things to you! I will definitely come back for future Physical Therapy!"
Aug 19, 2019
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"Great people, friendly, and helpful"
Aug 16, 2019
"Friendly knowledgeable therapists. They owner keeps walking around making suggestjons to them and making sure your ok too."
Aug 04, 2019
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Jul 19, 2019
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"Great program and professionals. "
Jul 17, 2019
"This place is just amazing! The staff are so nice and caring!!!"
Jul 11, 2019
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"Great staff. Fun and friendly environment"
Jul 11, 2019
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"Having a tendency of doing things too much, it usually now throws me off in one way or another. This time was a nerve from my neck to shoulder, down my arm to my left thumb. What a pain that was 😭 . The crew here at Chesterton Physical Therapy are amazing! They knew exactly what to do to get me back in motion. I cried 😭 the day I finally got healed. I love you guys and I encourage all who are out of sorts to please take it from me, "They've got you!""
Jul 10, 2019
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"Always Great help in getting you moving fluidly. The staff is very knowledgeable and will work at your pace to get you mobile."
Jul 07, 2019
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"This is the place to come for therapy. Everyone is great!"
Jul 02, 2019
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"I started here due to my shoulder pain the first time and then there was some improvement. I went to the doctor for an MRI to find out that I had to have a very extensive shoulder surgery due to a stroke I had a year ago. I had fallen on it and damaged it. After surgery I had a choice to go where I wanted for therapy and I chose to come back to here. They are so great and good with how they do their therapy rather than any other places I’ve been to. The first time I ever found out about this place was due to my daughter who found out through her doctor. I went from not being able to use my arm or shoulder to being able to do everything I needed and wanted to do with it. After surgery I thought I would never be able to get full range of motion back again. I’ve gotten the greatest kind of treatment here and I will never go anywhere else no matter what. This is not like any other therapy place. They work with many parts of the body and are very helpful and knowledgeable with their healing treatments. I would recommend them to anyone with any problems small or big! They are all great here and really take their time with you. They work together to get you the help you need to get you healthier and on your way in life."
Jun 28, 2019
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"Wow! Great people and great therapy. They did a great job of respecting my goals and aspirations athletically and catered my exercise accordingly. Every person in the place seemed to having a good experience regardless of the frustration of their injuries. I definitely recommend!"
Jun 15, 2019
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"The people here are awesome! The laser therapy really helped get rid of my pain and it only took two sessions!"
Jun 14, 2019
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"Chesterton Physical is a great facility that not only provides exceptional physical therapy, but also occupational and massage therapy. The technology Chesterton PT has is above and beyond that of other physical therapy clinics in NWI, including laser therapy! From the moment you walk in they treat you like family and they make sure you walk out reaching your goals!"
Jun 12, 2019
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"Laser therapy is awesome"
Jun 08, 2019
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"Chesterton PT is great! They have all the greatest up to date technology. The laser treatment therapy helped with my inflammation and had instant pain relief! Highly recommend this to anyone looking for instant relief to any pain. "
Jun 05, 2019
"Chesterton PT has been very helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed how advance and up to date their techniques are. They have a lot of technology that helps with the progression of your therapy! Their one-on-one atmosphere really helped me improve with my strength. I am happy that I am pain free! I couldn't have done it without Chesterton PT. "
Jun 03, 2019
"I love Chesterton PT in Michigan City! The therapists were so friendly and encouraging. I was able to recover and was able to get stronger too. It was great to be able to work one-on-one with the staff. It felt like I had my own personal trainer! Thanks Chesterton PT!"
Jun 03, 2019
Jun 03, 2019
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"When I first started at Chesterton Physical Therapy I could not stand or walk for more than 10 minutes without pain. I can now stand and walk much longer. It was difficult to do any grocery shopping or household chores before I started therapy. I can now do both with ease. I worked with Carol, Martha, Nicole, Dimple and Susan. They are all wonderful. I have been recommending Chesterton Physical Therapy to everyone. "
May 24, 2019
"Dr James and crew are the best!"
May 22, 2019
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"All of the therapists are excellent. Carol is my therapist, and she is phenomenal.She's attentive, she listens, she tailors the therapy to your specific needs at the time. This is definitely not cookie-cutter physical therapy; it is specific to your needs at a given moment. Many times she's had a plan when I went in for my session, but because of what was going on with me at the time we changed it to address what was happening. They're currently duking it out with my insurance company because the insurance company wants to cut me off. They're going above and beyond what is required of them as a provider. Dimple and Chandra, the owners, are just amazing. Amelia at the front desk is always pleasant and just feels like a friend. I've done physical therapy in the past, many places just stick you in a corner and tell you to do some exercises and then call it a day. This is not like that at all. They pay attention, they follow up, they change things if necessary. THEY CARE!! I would highly recommend them to anybody who needs real physical therapy. These folks are the real deal."
May 16, 2019
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"This is the best therapy center ever! I love Chandra, James, and Leila! "
May 15, 2019
"I had shoulder replacement surgery and felt like this would be a great place since my wife already came here twice for 2 different surgeries. My concerns with the new shoulder were strength and mobility. I always felt more mobile after each session. The exercises for my homework were always spot on!"
May 15, 2019
"Great place. Very helpful!!"
May 14, 2019
"Becky is a great massage therapist. She spends time with you always asking for feedback and tries different ways to help her client. My previous PTs did not do that, she has."
May 14, 2019
"After treatment with Becky my pain level drops to at least half and last me up to a week."
May 14, 2019
"Becky is super awesome. She is friendly and easy going. She takes great pride in what she does and it shows. Will definitely be back and will tell my friends."
May 14, 2019
"Becky is the best. I get so relaxed, sometimes I actually doze off! Very nice hands and a wonderful personality. She knows what you need - and delivers."
May 14, 2019
May 14, 2019
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May 07, 2019
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"I was very pleased, staff are all thought full. Very pleased happy on I got from my achievements. Of my back and shoulders. A+. "
May 07, 2019
"Everything is great!"
May 07, 2019
"You guys have great service and a comfortable environment."
May 07, 2019
"Life is short and pain is not a necessary part of daily activities. Dr. Singh and her associates have devoted their expertise to each individual's needs. Nothing feels better than to laugh and be pain free."
May 06, 2019
May 03, 2019
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"Great place to work! Fun and caring environment!"
May 01, 2019
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May 01, 2019
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May 01, 2019
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"Excellent working process to help others"
Apr 30, 2019
"I truly believe this place is awesome. Dimple is extremely knowledgeable and in my opinion does a wonderful job. They have chosen a wonderful staff that has helped me greatly. When I first started coming I honestly did not think I could ever get to a point that I was pain-free. I still have some pain but the improvement has been amazing. Chandra is awesome also because he always makes me smile and when I'm in pain that is just what I need. My time here has been very encouraging all the way around."
Apr 30, 2019
"I made an appointment with Chesterton Physical Therapy by mistake, intending to go elsewhere. Although not happy, I decided to keep the appointment. I am very happy I did! My initial meeting was with Dr Dipple. I was extremely pleased with her exam and the resulting plan of action. Most of my therapy was conducted by an intern under the watchful eyes of the therapy staff. The intern was awesome! Overall, I feel better and am so glad I stayed there."
Apr 25, 2019
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"It was very nice for me and excellent job. I was able to avoid having back surgery and have no pain my back !"
Apr 24, 2019
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"Friendly staff, knowledgeable therapists and I appreciate that their appointments run on time!"
Apr 23, 2019
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Apr 23, 2019
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"A wonderful place to come for help. Everyone is helpful, skilled and supportive. My pain is almost completely gone. They give you a home program along with your treatments. When you are done you can join their Fit for Life program to help you further improve your health."
Apr 19, 2019
"Greg is very thorough and he took care of my shoulder! Chesterton Physical Therapy is an awesome place. Don’t wait ."
Apr 18, 2019
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"Everyone really cares and will not give up neither do they let you give up. I was having sharp pain in my right hand and could not write, type ,lift or cook. Had treatment for a short 3 weeks and I was back to doing everything again! "
Apr 18, 2019
"Everyone here is awesome and very helpful"
Apr 13, 2019
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"I came here from my daughter then decided to come my self and loved it the first time so much I came a second time for my shoulder surgery therapy and I love it I recommend this place all the time ...."
Apr 12, 2019
"Most wonderful place to work with the most caring and compassionate therapists! "
Apr 12, 2019
"This is for my Daughter Madison Charlson. A great place to get help when you have a injury. They work with you until you have no more pain. They don't push you. And they are some great people to be around. I made some new friends at the new Michigan City location."
Apr 11, 2019
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"Michigan City Chesterton Physical Therapy saved my right knee from surgery!! Their detailed approach to my 20 year old injury was exceptional. I've been to other PT's but nothing compares to Chesterton. I believe it's because they advocate for patients first and always. The whole crew at Chesterton Physical Therapy is 100% involved. They're not sending you off to work at a machine and leaving you alone / they're constantly watching you and taking care of you - totally hands on approach - and they treated me with love and compassion. I believe they are experts at what they do. I will be forever grateful to all! Thank you. Karen Billups"
Apr 10, 2019
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"I am so glad that it was recommended for me to come to Chesterton Physical Therapy. Dr. Dimple has gone above and beyond and has helped me in so many ways beyond just my initial pain. She is a compassionate listener and an amazingly knowledgeable PT. I highly recommend Chesterton Physical Therapy. I cannot thank them enough."
Apr 09, 2019
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"I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy to recover from a total knee replacement. Having had four previous knee surgeries with subsequent Physical Therapy, I was looking for a quality physical therapy facility. Nicole was my therapist and she did an awesome job getting me ready to return to work. She not only rehabilitated my. knee, but at times, she also had to get my head straight. I remember several times feeling that I was not making any significant progress. Nicole got me out of my funk and pushed me forward. Thanks to Carol for fine tuning my knee after I went back to work. Special thanks to Dr. Dimple for overseeing the entire process. This was a great and very professional rehab experience. I will be back next year from my 2nd Total Knee Replacement. Thanks to everyone from Chesterton Physical Therapy!!"
Apr 08, 2019
"Very satisfied and very good treatment. Be sure to listen and do the treatment they give you. Very friendly and professional."
Apr 05, 2019
"They listen to you when you tell them where your issues are. And if one issue is resolved and another pops up they will work to get it better."
Mar 31, 2019
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"My son has had a soft tissue injury in his left knee, it was discovered that he has hyper mobility. They recommended he have PT 3xs a week for six weeks. He had 3 different therapist. Two of them didn't give him a real chance. His therapist Susan showed was patient with him and took the time to explain how to do exercises and showed him if he didn't do it right. No judgement. Because of her my son improved so much in a short amount if time she discharged him 2 weeks ahead of schedule."
Mar 30, 2019
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"They have friendly and compassionate staff. It is a very calming and at times fun environment that helps you relax and heal."
Mar 21, 2019
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"Great people providing excellent care towards getting you stronger and back on your game. Thanks Nicole and Carol and all who worked with me. I will stop by and visit."
Mar 06, 2019
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"This place is fantastic. I've been to multiple physical therapy practices in the area and this is the best place to come to. They listen to you and understand your body and take care of your pain. Here they listen to your concern and you are not treated like just another number. "
Feb 13, 2019
"I worked with Chesterton Physical Therapy for sciatica pain. My issue was quickly alleviated. I have skills going forward to help myself in the future Therapists are all knowledgeable. Dr Dimple is a very compassionate doctor."
Feb 09, 2019
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"I would definitely recommend this place the staff is wonderful and caring. They are very concerned with your health or issue that you have. It worked out great for me. Thanks to Greg, James, Donna u guys rock!!!!!"
Feb 06, 2019
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Jan 15, 2019
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"Great therapists ( Carol, Nicole, Chandra and Dr Dimple), the receptionist at Chesterton is also great and please forgive me for not remembering your name but such a nice friendly young lady. I started there because of Greg who took the time to evaluate my problems with great depth, I miss you that you are now at Michigan City."
Dec 14, 2018
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"Excellent patient care! I love how Dr. Singh and her staff listen to their patients aches and pains and can provide non-evasive solutions based on your own body's ability to heal and repair. My children and I have all benefited from their expertise."
Aug 23, 2018
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Nov 29, 2017
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Nov 22, 2017
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"Great bedside manners and knowledge of craft !"
Apr 18, 2017
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"Competent, friendly and caring"
Apr 16, 2017
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"Very very excellent service and they are easy to work with . Gives individual attention to every patient and are very kind and compassionate and love doing there job . They give time to patient and not spending much of there time on computer"
Apr 15, 2017
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"Awesome as always"
Apr 14, 2017
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Apr 14, 2017
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"Always very friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter loves them :)"
Apr 13, 2017
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"Great help with migraines! I did not realize phyiscal therapy could help terrible migraines. My neurologist didn't even suggest PT even after seeing how I was suffering. I'm just glad I found Chesterton Phyiscal Therapy. I have gotten so much relief from the people who work there."
Apr 11, 2017
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"The people there are very professional and friendly,and easy to work with A+personable poeple.i would highly recommend Chesterton Physical therapy....and will almost be sad when I'm done"
Apr 11, 2017
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"Extremely friendly and competent group. Dr. Singh is wonderful!"
Mar 31, 2017
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"I never been helped more in physical therapy than this place. I gave up until I went here and had hope again. That's what all the wonderful people here do for you."
Dec 06, 2016
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Oct 19, 2016
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"Amazing experience and Dr Dimple Singh is awesome. My wife had low back pain and was not able to stand for even a minute or two and when we were done with the therapy she was happy like anything. I would definitely recommend Dr Singh. "
Oct 14, 2015
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A few months ago I had broken my right ankle and had to have surgery a week after. I could not walk very well after it healed so my doctor recommended physical therapy. I soon after decided to come to Chesterton Physical Therapy. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I will forever recommend such a great place to anyone who needs a PT location. My ankle was swollen and unable to move around very well but with everyone's support and patience I was discharged in no time. I can walk, run, skip, jump, etc. with no pain all thanks to James, Greg, and Martha. My advice to others is always do your part! You won't get better if you don't put forth the effort. Everyone here will give you the resources and support to do well and get better but only you can make yourself better.

Nancy A. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy originally because I saw an advertisement and came to a seminar. I was very happy about the progress made. Therefore when there was another problem, I wanted the same great quality I had received in the past. The individual attention to the detail of the actual treatment as well as the variety of options seem to produce better results than other therapy programs I have tried in the past. My advice to others is to stay firmly committed to the program and really try to complete exercises at home.

Jerry M. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy for scoliosis, pinched nerves, and muscle spasms. I needed to make the pain go away so I can perform daily activities. I've learned to have and keep good posture. I have no more pain and if so I have learned to focus on what I'm doing wrong and how to make things back to normal. My advice to others is whatever your therapist tells you to do, do it. They are real professionals on getting the pain away and staying gone! I would recommend anyone with issues to come here.

Toni T. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy to follow up after a surgery I had done on my left foot. I learned how to put on pants while standing, how to take it easy at the creek, and how to stand in the creek while fishing. I know some things may seem impossible right now, but just give it time. I thought I'd never be able to put on shorts, pants, and socks while standing. So keep at it! Do not give up!

Zachary A. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I have pelvic pain. I now have less pain and improvement in dealing with the cause of the pain. Better sleep was achieved. My advice to others is to listen to your therapist! What they advise really does help you.

Andrea T. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy again after a car accident caused me to have lower back issues. I got great care. They are very good at listening to what you say and work on the problems at hand. All treatment strengthened me in areas I didn't realize were weak. Do your exercises to keep up maintenance.

Phyllis R. of Michigan City

I came here because I broke my right femur bone. My leg is no longer in pain and I thank them for all they do. My advice to others is come to Chesterton Physical Therapy!

Xavier K. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I hurt my knee and it was not getting better with just rest and ice. I have had knee pain before during my normal activities of running and other general exercise, but never sought help when it hurt. This time I decided to get help. I now know exercises to help strengthen the muscles that affect my knee and running. My knee pain is virtually nonexistent and now I feel more confident because of the stretches and exercises I have learned. Stick with it and do your homework. Come with an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

Jacob D. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy with severe foot pain due to tendonitis in my achilles and plantar fasciitis. My foot is almost completely pain free and with the at home exercises, I know I will get there! Thanks!! Work hard with the therapists at your appointments and take responsibility for your health by continuing to do your exercises even after you are released.

Pamela K. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because of bursitis in my hips. Since my last treatment there, I felt it would be a great place to work on my current issue. My hip pain is so improved and I have been increasing my cardio activity. I have also seen improvement of my knee stiffness and feel confident the exercises given that I will see continued improvement. I think CPT is a wonderful place for physical therapy with it's knowledgable and supportive staff.

Laurel I. of Michigan City

I brought my son to Chesterton Physical Therapy when he was 3 months old because he was favoring one side of his head. I was referred by Dr. Moustafa. My son was able to get full head and neck control and able to get his symmetry straightened out.

Levi T. of Laporte

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy for pelvic floor weakness. I now have better bladder control and less leakage. My advice to others is to do it! It did help me a lot with no surgery!

Cristina J. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I was having terrible pain in my hip. I will be having hip replacement surgery and needed to deal with pain and weakness. I have had major improvement since coming here. I couldn't walk 1 block before and can now walk 5-6 blocks with no pain. My advice to others is to do the exercises, this really works!

Suzanne C. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy after a hip replacement. I was referred here by a friend. I have gained range of motion and strength back during recovery. My advice to others is follow your therapists advice and do your at home exercises. You only cheat yourself when you cheat on your physical therapy.

Stacy M. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because my right foot had plantar fasciitis. Everything is better now. My advice to others is to keep your head up and keep smiling.

Rebecca S. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy for my bladder. I've had improvement in going to the bathroom by myself.

Da'Nyala L. of Michigan City

I brought my daughter to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I received a referral from Dr. Singh at Healthlinc to help her walk. She can walk by herself now. My advice to others is to do your therapy and exercise.

Key'Mariana W. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I have plantar fasciitis and was having difficulty performing daily simple tasks. I am so much better, the stretching was the most helpful and I feel I was getting better with each visit. Do the work you are supposed to do at home. Put in 100%. Your ailment didn't happen overnight and won't be cured overnight. Have patience.

Judy H. from Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I was experiencing shoulder pain for several weeks and could not perform many normal activities. The source of the pain was identified and with the proper care including proper movements along with strengthening the area is extremely better. Don't hesitate to ask questions, the staff is highly knowledgable and always enjoy helping with answers.

John S. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy after a hip replacement. I was referred here by a friend. I have gained range of motion and strength back during recovery. My advice to others is follow your therapists advice and do your at home exercises. You only cheat yourself when you cheat on your physical therapy.

Stacy M. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because my right foot had plantar fasciitis. Everything is better now. My advice to others is to keep your head up and keep smiling.

Rebecca S. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because my shoulder was in pain for over a year after having fell on it. My doctor recommended coming here. My arm is able to be used almost to it's complete extent. I cannot wait to be able to put it to the test! My advice to others is to do your homework and do a little research for more insight on how what you're working on works. It is very helpful for both you and your physical therapist.

Stephen K. from Laporte

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I had damage to my left hand ring finger. I am now able to bend my ring and pinky finger again and can make a tight fist. My advice to others is to be patient, give it time, and do your exercises regularly.

Calvin E. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I had sciatica which was worsening when normally it would improve on it's own. It started affecting my sleep so I thought I would give physical therapy a try. Glad I did! My pain is gone after a short period of time. I have had to re-learn about being aware of my posture and know what exercises to do if pain returns and continue to the home exercises. My advice to others is don't think pain is just a part of getting old. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Christina K. from Trail Creek

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I was in a lot of pain with my shoulder. Doing what they asked me to do helped benefit my back and shoulder. I got therapy and it helped me a lot. I say get the therapy because we don't know the exercises or moves to help.

Jo N. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy this time around because I knew I would be happy with the treatment and results. I was having balance and eye tracking issues. I did not even realize it was affecting my life as much as they were. Now that it is taken care of it's hard to believe I didn't notice before. The benefit I got was I am no longer feeling like I am going to fall multiple times a day. If a moment happens where I do lose my balance I can catch myself without having to hold onto anything. My advice to others is no matter how pointless, insane, or impossible an exercise they come up with seems to you, roll with it because they do know what will work.

Pamela B. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because my doctor wanted to build up my left leg so that I did not tear the ligament again. I am now walking better and my balance has improved. My knee is less painful. My advice to others is do what you are told and have patience.

Pat H. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I almost fell on a slick floor and my knee was unstable. My knee now feels perfect! My advice to others is to push yourself during the appointment.

Vicki S. from Valparaiso

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I was having rib and back pain. A friend referred me to come here. I learned to control the pain. Follow the advice and do the exercises.

Tom M. of Long Beach

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I hurt my back playing football. After coming here my back no longer hurts. My advice to others is to push yourself to the limits.

Norman C. of Laporte

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy with a doctor referral for pelvic floor therapy. The benefits I received from coming here is complete improvement, better control and strength. My advice to others is if this is something not discussed with your doctor, please do! The alternative isn't healthy.

Becky R. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because of back weakness and pain. The benefits I received from coming here is increased core, arm, shoulder, and back strength. I also now have better posture. My advice to others is not to push yourself too hard.

Devin S. of Chesterton

I cannot say enough good things about Chesterton Physical Therapy. I had capsulitis(frozen shoulder) and low back issues. Everyone was very professional and personable. Sam at the front desk was always welcoming and would do her best to schedule appointments to meet my needs. The physical therapists, Greg and James, were excellent, patient, and gave their full attention in every session. Since I worked primarily with Greg, I want to acknowledge him for his good humor and for recognizing the type of communication and direction that works best for me. Knowing why each exercise or stretch was important and where I should feel it motivated me to do my homework. I was excited to observe my own progress, like actually being able to reach behind my back when I couldn't do it the week prior. I learned how to lift properly and to do easy stretches that allow me to read in bed without aggravating my back. I not only regained the use of my shoulder but learned techniques to maintain my shoulder and lower back going forward. They have already become a part of my daily routine. Greg taught me more than I ever expected to get from the physical therapy experience. My advice to other patients is to make yourself a priority, even in your busy life, and do your homework consistently. It's worth it and you're worth it.

Kathleen E. of Michigan City

I couldn’t work because of a meniscus tear. After surgery, I came to CPT for therapy. I had a scar tissue issue from the surgery, and they were able to pinpoint it quick! I soon was able to walk and do all my normal activities without the aid of a cane and/or brace. I was able to strengthen my core while here as well. My advice is for you to do your home exercises as you are suppose to!

Pamela K. of Chesterton

I have been to CPT for previous problems, and when I got an order for PT on my knee, I knew where to come. I had troubles squatting and working out in the yard. Between Dimple and the PTAs, I have improved and can squat with little trouble. With the exercise program that was given, I feel much better and more limber. I have been able to do my exercises at home due to a busy family life. I advise to patients that if you have physical problems, don’t hesitate to see the people in the office. They are very knowledgeable and fun to work with!

Shirley S. of Chesterton

I came into Chesterton Physical Therapy with knee issues. It was quite hard to do my normal ability while on vacation in Europe. From the help of the therapists, and exercises, I felon my next big trip I will be able to perform with no issues. Word of advice, “Listen to the therapists and work hard at home, as it will pay off!”

Marianne H. of Westville

I came to Chesterton PT because I was having pelvic issues. Before I came, I experienced many problems during daily movements. With Nicole and Carol’s help I have seen significant improvements since I began physical therapy. I advise other patients to make sure they are doing their at home exercises and to be patient with the process.

Chanelle J. of Merrillville

I came to CPT because it was close and accepted my insurance. I had seen CPT advertised and I can say I could not have found a better place to do my therapy! When I started therapy I could not walk for 10 minutes without pain in my legs. Now I can walk 3-4 miles!! My balance and gait have really improved. One can benefit from a very friendly, knowledgeable and extremely concerned staff. The notes they keep on your progress is a great way to see how much you really have improved! I advise patients to adhere to the exercise routines they make for you. A world of thanks to the wonderful staff for their concern and the great help!

David M. of Chesterton

I came to CPT because of the intense pain in my neck, right arm, lower back and hips. I couldn’t drive, write or read! The staff here helped me be able to function fully again! The personalized exercise program when implemented at CPT and home exercises made a tremendous difference. I feel hopeful and younger again! I advise to not give up! Don’t be afraid!!

Gia C. of Porter

I have multiple sclerosis (MS), which affects several parts of my body. My balance is most severely affected. I also fatigue easily. My hand writing is almost illegible. My balance has greatly improved and my core strength is better! Do your homework! Whatever you hate most is the area that needs the most work!

Claudia H. of Porter

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I had shoulder pain. I worked with the occupational therapists and I had a great experience. I am happy I heard about this place and got to work with some great people. Thank you CPT! I feel much better now.

Maria K. of Portage

I had shoulder replacement surgery in late December and required physical therapy to regain my range of motion. Post surgery I was unable to raise my arm above horizontal. I spent several weeks with minimal improvement. Then with Martha’s help everything began to get more normal. Greg & she both told me that shoulders take a long time to rehab. They were correct! My first “milestone” was being able to raise my arm enough to wash my armpit and apply deodorant. Stick with it!

George B. of Chesterton

I had experienced a neck injury at a local café. My treatment with Carol and Dimple has been very thorough and successful. I’m very glad my Doctor referred me to CPT. My headaches and neck stiffness are no longer an issue thanks to these professionals! Keep active; seek help for any injury or physical impairments, etc: Come to Chesterton Physical Therapy!

Irene M. of Chesterton

Being here before for my back, there was no question to come back here for my neck, shoulders, and arm issues because of the excellent service. Due to acute pain, it limited me from sleeping, doing housework, and lifting. It was miserable not being able to do the things that needed to be done. I’m in tears with joy now that I’m so much better, I even was able to completely lift my arm straight up today! The therapists here are so professional at what they do, including their gift of humor. I love it. I feel so comfortable here and blessed knowing this healing place. I love you all, and thank you! Especially Greg, Tristan, and Dimple!

Sandra M. of Chesterton

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy for help with my problems with balance and walking due to MS. While I was here I was able to learn how to engage my core while walking and balancing. A word of advice for other patients is to put in the work they make you do. You will only improve if you do the work.

Claudia H. of Porter

My daughter had come to CPT for her needs and really thought I would like them. Chandra and Matt were very helpful with my occupational therapy for my wrist and hands. Since coming to CPT I have really improved!

Kathleen R. of Merrillville

At work I ripped my wedding ring off on a ladder. I didn’t give it much thought, but when I saw the doctor the next day, I was actually close to losing my finger, and immediately had to do intense therapy. It was a slow process, but eventually the finger started feeling and looking better. I learned a lot from being here, and will use the experiences and exercises for the rest of my life. I never needed therapy before the accident, but I know this crew is very professional and really care about their patients! I highly recommend CPT! Everyone here is very friendly and helpful, and very professional with a great sense of humor! I guess Chandra rubs off on everyone!

Michael G. Michigan City

I could not get my arm straight over my head. I had pain trying to raise my elbow to shoulder level. Over the weeks Carol slowly stretched the shoulder out and eventually regained most of its flexibility. I can get my arm straight over my head now! Do the exercises faithfully between sessions. If you do it, it will double or triple your results!

Tom U. of Valparaiso

I had a car accident and needed tibial plateau surgery. I needed to learn to walk right again. My experience here was great. The physical therapists challenged me with my leg exercises and I am back to normal. Do the exercises they give you for home, they really help!

Matthew D. of Chesterton

When I started at CPT I was having pain and muscle spasms in my neck and arm. I wasn’t able to lift my arm in front of me or over my head. Now the spasms are gone and I can raise my arm quite well! I feel much stronger and more capable to live a full life. Every person is friendly, helpful and encouraging! Dimple and Greg are very knowledgeable and all the PTAs are great. When you have problems, this is the place to come!

Gail L. of Chesterton

When I started at CPT I was having pain and muscle spasms in my neck and arm. I wasn’t able to lift my arm in front of me or over my head. Now the spasms are gone and I can raise my arm quite well! I feel much stronger and more capable to live a full life. Every person is friendly, helpful and encouraging! Dimple and Greg are very knowledgeable and all the PTAs are great. When you have problems, this is the place to come!

Gail L. of Chesterton

I have a progressive disease and was having a flare-up and needed training on muscles that were not working as well as they used to. I had a hard time walking with my left leg dropping. Doing the light speed got me concentrating on my walking form and targeting the muscles I need to strengthen. It gave me the courage to keep walking without fear of falling. Listen to your therapist. Power through and listen to your body. Take everything they teach you and use it in your everyday life. Thank you, Nicole and Martha!

Stacy V. of Valparaiso

I came in for a right shoulder injury. I had a great time learning and getting better. I had minimal right arm movement and I have full range of motion now. I’m a lot stronger than I was a few months ago. Keep stretching and doing your exercises every day, and don’t give up!

Chip S. of Porter

I was referred to CPT and came here for issues with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I wanted to get a handle on the issue and be able to do activities I was able to do before. Before coming to CPT I was almost unable to use my right arm. I had severe difficulty writing, gripping objects, and struggled with everyday activities. Through stretches I was taught, laser therapy, anodyne, and fluido I improved. I was taught things I could do to help during flare ups and it has been so helpful. Matt and Chandra have been so helpful and amazing to work with. Believe in CPT, they are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond for their patients. Follow the at home program you may be given, even when it seems impossible.

Sarah T. of La Porte

I came to CPT after I was in a car accident that left me with a concussion and whiplash. I had intense pain that left me having trouble lifting objects and doing daily activities. Now I have no pain doing activities. I have learned a lot about how to get each muscle group to work together. Make sure you do your exercises in the office and at home!

Olivia M. of Chesterton

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I had positional vertigo. Coming here I gained understanding about why I had vertigo and prevention on how to not get it again in the future.

Esther L. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy for my leg and shoulder pains. The benefits I got from coming here was improvements on my shoulder and legs. I also gained strength for other workouts. My advice to others is do your home workouts. Also try your best at home and at physical therapy with the workouts.

Darrick H. of Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I was having extreme pain on the right side of my lower back. After several sessions of therapy my extreme pain has disappeared and the exercises should continue to keep me having a normal active life. When you can, listen to their advice and strengthen those weakened area. Greg has done wonders in a short time!

Larry B. from Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I was not taking care of my back. I was often putting too much pressure on one side. I'm now able to participate in sports again with no issues. I no longer have pain while working. Believe in physical therapy because it helps.

Delsean N. from Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy originally because of back pain but came back because I was having issues with my shoulder. I have gained strength in all areas. I have more range of motion and most of my pain is gone. Physical therapy works as long as you work hard with your therapist. Keep pushing hard to regain strength in your problem area. Do your home exercises and always stay positive.

Barbara M. from Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I had a frozen shoulder and weak right leg. I've improved at least 80%. I can now close my car door, reach my back, and braid my hair. My advice to others is if it seems like it's not working at first stick with it. You will be amazed at your progress.

Mary J. from Michigan City

I started here due to my shoulder pain the first time and there was some improvement. After going to my doctor for an MRI I found out that I had to have a very extensive shoulder surgery due to a stroke I had a year ago. I had fallen on it and damaged it. After surgery I chose to come back here because they are so great. I went from not being able to use my arm to being able to go back to everything I needed and wanted to do with it. After surgery I never thought I'd never be able to get full range of motion back again but I have! I've been to other physical therapy places and have never gotten the care I have here. They work with many parts of the body. They are very helpful and knowledgeable with their healing treatments. I would recommend them to anyone with any problem big or small!

Tiffany K. from Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because of a basketball injury causing a separated AC. I now have 100% increased range of motion. I have regained full strength in most areas of diminish. My advice to others is whatever exercises they tell you to do at home…DO THEM!

Brian P. from Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical therapy through a referral for my bladder to tighten up my core. While working with me they noticed that I have issues with my back. I feel that my bladder muscles have strengthened. They taught me to do exercises to help my back which has helped me a whole lot. My advice is to do the exercises because they help. When you slack off of them you will notice that things kind of revert back.

Phyllis R. from Michigan City

I came to CPT because I fractured my right ankle playing basketball. I had troubles walking and running in certain direcitons. They helped me out to where I am now able to play soccer and basketball with no problims. Listen to your therapist and make sure to do what they say, it. will help alot!

Alyssa O. of Chesterton

I came in because of a tight Achilles tendon. My foot was stiff and the exercises that I’ve been doing are helping a lot. We also worked on my balance to cut down on the risks of falls. All of the girls that worked with me were kind and caring.

Shirley S. of Chesterton

I came in for shoulder and back pain. I could barely move due to the pain. Do your exercises, it helped me get my life back!

Michael W. of Chesterton

I needed help. I was in bad shape. I couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain. I had trouble walking and was in a wheelchair when I first started and now I can walk with a cane! I enjoyed working with all the PTA’s. They were very nice and professional. Do the work, it will pay off.

Albert S. of Portage

I came into CPT to solve my back pain. The service is great and I now feel more educatied on my back issues than I did before. Listen to the staff, especially Martha!

Vlad T. of Chesterton

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I suffered a major injury due to recurrent dislocation of the patellofemoral joint in my left knee which caused a torn ligament and fractured patella. I had to have a full reconstruction of the medial patella-femoral ligament and reattachment of the fractured patella. I am a competitive dancer at Eclipse Performing Arts so a quick but successful recovery was very important to me. I received excellent care from Greg. He was very considerate of my goals to return to dancing at the high level I was performing prior to my injury/surgery. He tailored my treatment plan by incorporating dance techniques to help me reach my goals ahead of schedule. I would not have been able to achieve these goals without Greg. My advice to others is to stay positive, set goals, and work hard to achieve them.

Vanessa V. from Laporte

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I had a lot of pain and stiffness. I now feel more flexible with less pain. My advice to others is don't stop doing your exercises.

Ron P. from Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because of annoying joint pain and neck motion. I now have much better positioning of my head and neck. Exercises helped minimize my pain and I have better movement in my shoulders. My advice to others is to move forward and listen to your therapists. They know what they're doing. Try to push yourself and you will only get better.

Ron H. from Michigan City

This was not my first time coming to Chesterton Physical Therapy. 23 years ago I had an accident and hurt my neck. Greg has worked on my neck and my posture. The tension and headaches are completely gone. I love my therapy here and how I am headache free. My posture and neck position have improved. I will recommend my friends to come here because they will get better.

Indiraben S. from Michigan City

I came to CPT because I fractured my right ankle playing basketball. I had troubles walking and running in certain directions. They helped me out to where I am now able to play soccer and basketball with no problems. Listen to your therapist and make sure to do what they say, it will help a lot!

Alyssa O. from Chesterton

I had heard of a couple of great recommendations (about CPT) and wanted to improve the strength and mobility of my knee. Every day I was greeted by smiling, friendly faces and knowledgeable therapists that are really comminited to help you improve. Carol made it fun and productive! Some of the exercises can be a little tough, however, keep at it for a great outcome!

Anita B. from Chesterton

I had been going to different health clubs and therapy sessions for my left knee. My knee hurt from sitting for long periods and for years I wore a knee stabilizer. When I first came to CPT, my left knee was stiff and was popping. I was unable to walk or stand for long periods of time, wobbling when I walked and always feeling stiff. My advice to others is to seek help from CPT. If you have gone to several health clubs and therapy clinics, do not give up. After coming to CPT, I can now walk straight and tall, have no pain and have even lost some weight!

Lynette W. from Gary

I had a knee replacement and had been to CPT before and knew this is where I wanted to be to do my therapy. My experience has been very productive here. There were a lot of challenges I needed to go through because even though it was my knee I can in for, my ankles were very weak and my endurance was low. CPT came up with new ways to strengthen my legs and improve my gait. I walked in like a penguin when I first came, and now I am walking normal while leaving! Trust the treatment, it works! Here at CPT they work on the whole problem, not just the area you came in for. I came in for my knee and how I have straight knee and stronger ankles with a sexier new walk!

Colleen W. from Chesterton

I came in for lower back pain, and did not think I would ever be the same. After coming to CPT, I am better than ever. Even on the hard days, I felt better leaving here after every visit. Planks were tough, as I could only do them for 10 seconds at first. In four weeks, I increased to 60 seconds and now I understand core training more than ever. Do your homework, it really works!

Lisa W. from Porter

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I was re-injured in a recent auto accident involving a semi-trailer. I needed to rebuild strength, lessen tension and straighten my pelvis. The pain in my right shoulder is gone after 20 years. I really can’t believe the relief I have gotten from physical therapy. I still have some pain, but it is now easier to cope with. My advice is to continue to do the exercises that your therapist gives you no matter how silly it seems at first. It really does work.

April C. from Michigan City

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I had a frozen left shoulder. The therapists taught me different ways to stay stretched. When I first started with them, I could barely lift my arm from my hip. Now I can reach above my head again and I can also put my arm behind my back again. I also changed my work station for my posture. My advice is to listen to them and do your exercises at home, don’t just do them at physical therapy. I also could do some of mine at work. Thank you very much Greg and James!!

Valerie K. from Westville

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I have had jaw pain and pops for a couple of years. I learned why I have my jaw problems and am now more conscious about my posture. My advice is to sit up straight and do the exercises.

Kate F. from Westville

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy previously for physical therapy. I like them and their services. I came this time for occupational therapy. Before, my hand was so weak. Now I have very good strength. I had bad tremors in my hand that are getting better. My advice to others is if they come here for therapy that their problems will improve and get better.

Indiraben S. from Michigan City

I had shoulder replacement surgery and felt like this would be a great place since my wife already came here twice for 2 different surgeries. My concerns with the new shoulder were strength and mobility. I always felt more mobile after each session. The exercises for my homework were always spot on!

John K. of Portage

I have been amazed at the care I have received at Chesterton Physical Therapy.The staff are so knowledgeable and work closely with Dr.Singh.Anytime I've had a session I am the total focus of the therapist-they give me 100% of their time to me in my sessions and they really care about my improvement. Since first coming I have improved with being able to have a more normal life and able to have more quality life with less pain. I look forward to continuing and acquiring the life I once had and I know exercising here will be a big part of that. They have guided me with the needed exercises to achieve my goals.

Joanne B.

Besides not thinking that this problem was going to be taken care of, but being educated at that same time that you're being taken care of. Shocked at the positive results!

Dennis F. of Westville

All I can say is the therapists are knowledgeable and great. They helped me immensely with my back. Best therapy group in all the years!

Robert D. of Valparaiso

Edward came to Chesterton Physical Therapy with extremely high hopes. He had surgery on his back for a herniated disc, but he still wasn't back to normal. Even after the surgery, he still could not walk or stand for more than 5 minutes due to the extreme back pain he experienced. He tried physical therapy right after his surgery elsewhere, but he felt it did not help him at all. After just 3 weeks of physical and deep tissue laser therapy with us, he can already stand for long periods of time again and even walk with no pain. He says that the combination of the physical therapy and the deep tissue laser therapy is working wonders for him. He raved that the one on one care he is receiving is like nothing he has ever experienced before. He also added that he loves the personalized treatments and personal attention from the staff. Edward says that he is on the road to true recovery. He could not be happier that he finally is able to receive truly effective treatment for his back pain.

Edward C. of Chesterton

Edward C.

Marilyn came to us with severe back pain that was negatively taking over her life. She had to give up everything due to her back pain. She avoided sitting down, she couldn't drive, and she even missed her class reunion because of it. The only way she felt remotely okay was by standing up. After completing treatment at Chesterton PT, she was able to take back her life and become totally active again. During her time here, she worked with Greg and Traci the most. She says that she learned a lot from both of them. They taught her what she needed to do at home, how to do it, and how to maintain her strength once she got it back. She feels that her experience here as a whole was great and that she loved everyone she came in contact with because they were very friendly and helpful.

Marilyn E. of Porter

Marilyn E.

My most recent problem was adhesive capsulitis in my right shoulder. Greg and Eric started me on a program that very quickly produced improvement in my range of motion and pain reduction. Everyone that I worked with was very thorough and informative, which made my therapy the most positive experience possible. There is no question that if I need any type of physical therapy in the future, there is no other place I would rather go for treatment.

Mike D. of Chesterton

Mike D.

Before starting therapy, Darrell had severe leg cramps that caused him to be unable to walk long distances, kneel, or use a ladder. Since completing therapy, he is now able to do everything that he couldn't before again. He credits Melynda with being the biggest part of his recovery. He says that she made his treatment easy to follow, explained everything thoroughly, and didn't pressure him to do anything he didn't want to. Overall, he says that Chesterton Physical Therapy is a wonderful place that he will tell everyone he can about. He even showed his preacher some exercises that he learned in therapy.

Darrell R.

Darrell R.

Shirley came to us with a shoulder problem that caused her to be unable to move or lift her entire left arm. After receiving successful therapy, she is now able to not only move her arm again but also lift it up and even move it backward. She says that she truly looked forward to coming to therapy every week because everyone she worked with made it very fun and enjoyable. She feels that her condition improved immensely and could not be happier with her results.

Shirley K.

Shirley K.

Before Chesterton Physical Therapy (CPT), I had a lot of limitations with my hamstring, including soccer (which is my favorite sport). Many daily activities like walking upstairs, sitting down in a car for prolonged periods, and moving in a chair would aggravate my left hamstring. In soccer, I could not jump, sprint, kick with my left leg, or run for more than 10 minutes. Just in three quick months, all of the limitations vanished. As of now, I can do any physical activity and inverted maneuvers with ease. CPT helped me a ton over the summer of 2017, and I cannot thank them enough!

Emerson S.

Emmerson S.

We first met Debra when she attended our booth at the Art of Aging Expo event in August of 2017. Luckily, she won our raffle we did at the event for free deep tissue laser therapy treatments. She decided to do the laser therapy on her foot for her plantar fasciitis. After just her 2nd treatment with Chandra, she said her foot felt really good instantly after receiving the treatment & the pain was barely there anymore. At her 3rd treatment with Dr. Dimple, she said that she had no pain at all. She says that her experience as a whole was excellent as she felt Chandra & Dr. Dimple both answered all of her questions, were easy to talk to, made her feel comfortable, had excellent manners, and even offered advice and stretches to do to prevent any further pain from occurring. She adds that she felt they gave her information she wishes other doctors would have gave her when she initially learned about her condition. She says if she has any other issues, she will definitely be coming back for help!

Debra W. of Crown Point


Diana was initially introduced to us when her husband was a patient. She then started therapy for her balance issues with Dr. Dimple. Upon completing her successful therapy plan, she heard about the Fit For Life program. She was skeptical at first, but Dr. Dimple convinced her to give it a try. On her first day, she was taught how to use every single one of the exercise machines & guided through the process. She was amazed at how attentive & helpful the staff was. She says that every time she came in to exercise, there was always a staff member giving her tips & offering to help. Now, she is ecstatic about her fitness regimen. She absolutely loves coming to yoga classes & says that everyone loves it just as much as her; they all inspire one another. She says that her son referred her to another fitness center at first, but once he heard about the unmatched, personalized care she was getting, he was so glad she came to Chesterton PT instead. This past August was her 1 year anniversary of being a Fit For Life member; she has lost a total of 44 pounds & counting! Diana could not be happier with her ongoing journey towards being healthier & says that she will definitely be a member FOR LIFE! She credits Dr. Dimple for helping her realize her true potential & says that she is forever grateful that she was able to work with her.

Diana B, Age 71, Chesterton

Diana B.

Sports and active lifestyle at 41 catches up to my body physically and trying to let it heal on its own has taken many months only to come back again. With Dimple’s assessment, treatments have helped extremely in getting pain-free in matter of a couple of visits.

Rickie R.

I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in my low back . I went from being very limited in my back abilities with very weak core to being able to lift , bend, sit and stand without pain.

Wendy M.

I received special care for my rotator cuff and I like the friendly staff. If I need therapy again I will surely come back here.

Sharon R.

Very impressed with Dimple’s tenacity in finding the source of the problem in the midback.

Jude T.

In April, I went to mayo clinic due to severe pain and tightness in my back. It was wonderful working with Dimple-she pin pointed the muscle that wasn't firing properly which helped speed up my recovery.

Patty L.

I’ve seen improvement in back and thumb pain as I have learned why and how I became this way and how to avoid further issues. I have received individualized, knowledgeable and skillful care.

Julia P.

I came with extreme pelvis pain with severe tilt. Now I am feeling 100% better.

Kara A.

After 6 weeks of physical therapy my knees are almost totally without pain and I am able to have a much more active lifestyle. I received a variety of helpful exercises to relieve the compression in my knees, improve my balance and strengthen the muscles in my knees and ankles. Furthermore, Dimple and Vicky taught me how the physiology of my knees , hip and feet contributed to my problem and to its solution.

Jane B.

After having back surgery and being told by other physical therapy places that nothing can be done and being on pain killers/ cortisone shots for 2 years my pain got worse and legs got weaker. With my Dr’s recommendation I agreed to take one last step and began physical therapy here at Chesterton PT. I can now climb my stairs not only once but several times a day and I have resumed all normal activities of daily life. Now my fear is gone and I know how to handle my flare ups. Thank you for taking care of me and assuring me to move forward.

Robin B.

After lifting/ carrying wrought iron furniture which was too heavy for me, I had pain in my chest, left shoulder and shoulder blade with numbness and tingling in my left hand and fingers. Medication from the doctor did not help nor did the spinal manipulations of a chiropractor. People suggested that I talk to a surgeon about this and I was scared! Thank goodness I discovered Chesterton physical therapy. Among other things my treatment included ”manual therapy” to improve soft tissue and joint mobility, neuromuscular re education for posture and proprioception and return to functional mobility. I was just” healed.” After several treatments over few weeks, I was sent home with descriptive exercises and diagrams so I could safely continue regaining my strength and flexibility. Dimple and her staff were informative during every step on my path to recovery besides being gentle and patient. Thank you.

Dee D.