Sports and active lifestyle at 41 catches up to my body physically and trying to let it heal on its own has taken many months only to come back again. With Dimple’s assessment, treatments have helped extremely in getting pain-free in matter of a couple of visits.

Rickie R.

I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in my low back . I went from being very limited in my back abilities with very weak core to being able to lift , bend, sit and stand without pain.

Wendy M.

I received special care for my rotator cuff and I like the friendly staff. If I need therapy again I will surely come back here.

Sharon R.

Very impressed with Dimple’s tenacity in finding the source of the problem in the midback.

Jude T.

In April, I went to mayo clinic due to severe pain and tightness in my back. It was wonderful working with Dimple-she pin pointed the muscle that
wasn’t firing properly which helped speed up my recovery.

Patty L.

I’ve seen improvement in back and thumb pain as I have learned why and how I became this way and how to avoid further issues. I have received individualized, knowledgeable and skillful care.

Julia P.

I came with extreme pelvis pain with severe tilt. Now I am feeling 100% better.

Kara A.

After 6 weeks of physical therapy my knees are almost totally without pain and I am able to have a much more active lifestyle. I received a variety of helpful exercises to relieve the compression in my knees, improve my balance and strengthen the muscles in my knees and ankles. Furthermore, Dimple and Vicky taught me how the physiology of my knees , hip and feet contributed to my problem and to its solution.

Jane B.

After having back surgery and being told by other physical therapy places that nothing can be done and being on pain killers/ cortisone shots for 2 years my pain got worse and legs got weaker. With my Dr’s recommendation I agreed to take one last step and began physical therapy here at Chesterton PT. I can now climb my stairs not only once but several times a day and I have resumed all normal activities of daily life. Now my fear is gone and I know how to handle my flare ups. Thank you for taking care of me and assuring me to move forward.

Robin B.

After lifting/ carrying wrought iron furniture which was too heavy for me, I had pain in my chest, left shoulder and shoulder blade with numbness and tingling in my left hand and fingers. Medication from the doctor did not help nor did the spinal manipulations of a chiropractor. People suggested that I talk to a surgeon about this and I was scared! Thank goodness I discovered Chesterton physical therapy. Among other things my treatment included ”manual therapy” to improve soft tissue and joint mobility, neuromuscular re education for posture and proprioception and return to functional mobility. I was just” healed.” After several treatments over few weeks, I was sent home with descriptive exercises and diagrams so I could safely continue regaining my strength and flexibility. Dimple and her staff were informative during every step on my path to recovery besides being gentle and patient. Thank you.

Dee D.

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